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Citadel of Sidon Today
Citadel of Sidon - As It Appeared on Year 1810. It was built by the Crusadors in the early 13th century.  
Painting Of The Citadel of Sidon  















                        Saidon History


Saida/Sidon History - Alexander The Great - 359 B.C.

Alexander defeated the Persians king Darios in Asios battle 333 B.C., and was the new hero in the area. Happy by being liberated of the Persians, Sidonians invited Alexander to their city, and asking him to be their allies. Alexander has named Ibdalimnos, a Sidonians descendant, as the new king of Saida.

Then Alexander continued his march toward Sour, which refused to let him in, so he put it under siege for around 7 months, and at the end Sour was defeated.



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