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Citadel of Sidon Today
Citadel of Sidon - As It Appeared on Year 1810. It was built by the Crusadors in the early 13th century.  
Painting Of The Citadel of Sidon  















                        Saidon History


Saida/Sidon History - Persians Civilizations - 558 to 529 B.C.


The Persians originated from Iran, where at that period they were controlled by the Ashorians. it remains under this occupation until Mada, the first Iranian state, has emerged in the 7th century before Christ. Than the Kisania state emerged in the middle on the 6th century BC, which was the beginning of the Persians era.

Its first king was Korosh, which ruled the Armenians, Anadol, Bilad ma Bein Al Nahrain, Syria and others.

Its latest kings was Darios Koudman, which was defeated by Alexander the great.

During this period, Hiram the first, sun of Abi Baal the king of Sour (Tyre), Saidon was politically dominated by Sour, and it participated in supplying King Solomon with industrial specialists and items to help him building his palace, as well as building ships.

Then came Ashorian Nipal the second (883-859 BC), occupied Iraq, Syria, and came across to Saidon, which preferred to give him gifts, in order to keep its commercial and the profits they are making.

The same happened with Shalmansar the third (885-824 BC).

This was, Saidon kept its independence, and remained free doing a prosperous era.

Saida Heroism and Burning

Around 360 B.C., Egypt declared its independence from Persians. Okhos, known as Artahshashta the third, the Persians leader sent his army to Saida shores in order to keep it under his domination, where they treated the Sidonians badly. Then the Persians army confronted the Egyptian army led by two Greek leaders, Diofantos and Lamios. This battle took place in 353 B.C. and the Persians army was defeated.

Taking advantage of that defeat, Sidonians fed up by the Persians, declared a revolution against Persians.

Okhos, upset about Sidonians revolution, collected a huge army, around 200,000 soldiers, and sent them to Saidon in order to put an end to the revolution.

Sidonians could not resist such a huge army, decided not to surrender, preferred dying than going back under Persians occupation, burned the city with all its population. Around 40,000 of Saidon's were burned.

This was the most known act of heroism and sacrifice a population has committed through the entire history.


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