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Citadel of Sidon Today
Citadel of Sidon - As It Appeared on Year 1810. It was built by the Crusadors in the early 13th century.  
Painting Of The Citadel of Sidon  


 Zahlee (Zahle)



Damour River

Faqra Falls

In the immediate vicinity of the resort, in Kfarzebian's region, you may visit Faqra's ruins or follow the climbers to the natural stone bridge.




                   Lebanese Famous Cities

Ehden Profile

Altitude: 1200m
Distance from Beirut: 105km

Getting there

From Beirut, take the highway to Chekka tunnel, Amioun, Kousba, Tourza, Jbaa than Ehden.

Ehden Forest


Horsh Ehden is a mountainous ecosystem on the Northern Mount Lebanon chain. It ranges from 1300m to 1950m in altitude and is located 3.5km north of Ehden and 100km from the capital Beirut.

After much lobbying by the Friends of Horsh Ehden the forest was declared a Nature Reserve by the Lebanese government in March, 1992 (decree# 121). The area set aside for the reserve comprises 1000 hectares of public land of which 350 are forested. Horsh Ehden is internationally acknowledged to be the southernmost limit for the growth of the species of Cilician Fir Abies cilicica.

This unique forest is a mixture of trees. More than 35 different species notably conifers, such as the Cedars, the High Juniper broadleaves such as the maple and the endemic wild apple.

A number of water sources can be found in Horsh Ehden, the most important of which are Ain Al-Baq, Nabaa Jout and Ain Al-Baiada.

The wilderness qualities of parts of Horsh Ehden and of the adjacent mountain areas provide the ideal setting for walks, cross country skiing and other related activities.  The summer resort of Ehden lies at an altitude of 1500m, surrounded by breathtaking mountains overlooking the timeless Kadisha valley.


A trip to Ehden is not complete without a visit to the "Midan", a historic public square surrounded by typical Lebanese architecture filled with cafes, patisseries and restaurants.

Whether it is lunch or dinner you are seeking, "Mar Sarkis" is one of many quaint outdoor restaurants specializing in Lebanese cuisine. If your taste seeks something different, Ehden boosts a wealth of hotels, small restaurants, bistros and night-clubs.

And for a lasting memory of your trip, catch the sunset at Sadit El Hosn from which you can see the whole of the north of Lebanon, stretching from the Syrian coast to Chekka .

Origins of the name "Ehden"

The origins of the name, Ehden are obscured by time and myth.

One explanation is that it is derived from the word "adon" referring to the mountains. Equally Patriarch Stephane El Douaihy wrote that it was derived from biblical Eden. His work on the subject is kept in Vatican Library.














Information From the Ministry of Tourism

Lebanese Ministry of Tourism

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Baalbeck Castle


Beit Eddine


Jbeil - Byblos Town

 Jbeil - Byblos

Jeita Grotto

Jeita Grotto

Mousailaha Castle

Mousailaha Castle

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